quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

just something for you mau5 lovers

this is something I found out some days ago, he posted a video on his facebook profile of him playing it live - people LOVED the song (so did I, at least until the dubstep part)

Since he usually goes on ustream and plays some music live, apparently somebody recorded it and put it on youtube, it's the best quality I could find and I hope you enjoy it. About the song itself, I read somewhere that it is supposed to come out on deadmau5's new album - can't wait!



been having some net issues so I haven't been able to update this properly, but hopefully this is resolved

I wonder why reading is so unusual nowadays.. it's not that I read everyday, but I actually enjoy reading sometimes

this was the last book I finished, have always been curious about reading chuck palahniuk's stuff since i watched fight club (loved it, who didn't?), so I started a quest to read everything from him, currently reading another one of his books: lullaby - pretty cool too

i really wonder why can't people nowadays spend 30min everyday reading something useful instead of wasting time on facebook..

domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010


Kinda bored, so decided to set this up, will try to keep it updaded and see where this goes.